Who am I?


Good question, and one I also believe you as an audience has a right to know because, why should I listen to what you are saying? What do you know about rhetoric or education or politics or etc.? Well, I know quite a bit and what I don’t know I research. This is as much a chance for me to share my voice and the voices of others as well as it is about exploring and delving into places I may not have ventured yet.


To be up front, I have a PhD in Rhetoric. I am technically “Dr. Evans” and I earned that title through research and teaching. I have taught FYC in one form or another for the past 7 years at a wide variety of Universities and Community colleges in different formats, times, and places. Before that I taught HS and Jr. High English after I got my MA in English. Before that I got a BA in European history and minored in philosophy. I consider myself Socially progressive, Fiscally moderate, and owe no affiliation to any current political party though my views are mainly center-left in most respects. My education, not to say my study of rhetoric, gives me a wide base of knowledge and interests but beyond that there are my interests in sociology, psychology, mythology, comic books, comic studies, art, fine art, theatre, and more. I’m not a Renaissance Man but I certainly wish I could be one. I am though, a very curious and open-minded person…and those are things you have to work at, especially the last one in our day and age today.


That brings me back to the purpose and mission of this podcast. I believe we need to do more listening, questioning, and deeper exploration of our world. We need to entertain diverging opinions and views and do it with respect for each other. I believe we accomplish more by understanding or trying to understand one another and avoiding the temptations and cultural slide into faux information, oppositional and hostile disagreements, and those things that strip away our essential reality that we are, in the end, all human beings.